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Inanna Publications - August 13, 2009 - 18 Comments

Stone Sightings

Stone Sightings by Madeline Sonik

Reviewed by Michelle Miller

Madeline Sonik’s 2008 collection Stone Sightings is a lovely read. Although similar themes of love, displacement and outsiderness, as well as images from nature and mythology are present in each piece, there are no official sections or separations between groups of poems on different topics. However, the book can be roughly broken into three sections. Unofficially, the first third of the book deals with home, family and the day-to-day. The second has more to do with people, both real and mythological. The last section is less unified, but has much to do with place, both specific and general, physical and epistemological. Across each of these broad themes there are fantastic moments in which Sonik allows the reader entry into her particular, sad and beautiful world.