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Hagios Press - July 21, 2009 - 46 Comments

Gabriel’s Beach

Gabriel’s Beach by Neal McLeod

Reviewed by Joanna M. Weston

McLeod uses the phrasing and cadence of his Cree people. The language resonates with the long history of the culture and deprivations of Canada’s First Nations. He brings together the watershed experience of Batoche, the courage of his grandfather Gabriel on Juno Beach, and his own growth through alcoholic addiction to find himself a mature adult.


Hagios Press - June 08, 2009 - 6 Comments


You by Gary Hyland

Reviewed by Joanna M. Weston

Who are you, the reader? Who am I, the writer? How do we interact and connect? These are the questions that Hyland explores in this collection of poetry. The relationship is abstract and distant, and Hyland probes that distance and abstraction with precision. No solution is possible and he gives none, expending his expertise on close scrutiny.